Maine Coast Engagement

Maggie and Scott’s Engagement Session

This Maine coast engagement session captures Maggie and Scott’s love for Sorrento, Maine. And it has made us even more excited for their upcoming June wedding. One - it’s a joy to spend time with them! Two - the location they’ve chosen for their wedding is absolutely spectacular. Though they currently live in New York City, they've made so many memories together in Maine.

Some couples choose a meaningful, symbolic place for their engagement session or a fun place they’d like to explore. Other couples like to use the engagement session as a chance to introduce us to their wedding location. This session was a combination of all three!

We timed the Maine coast engagement session to take advantage of the late afternoon light streaming across Frenchman Bay. Maggie and Scott dressed up beautifully for the occasion and they had fun interpreting our prompts as we photographed them near the Sorrento Village Green. Scott has long-ago experience as a dancer which made him a very steady partner and Maggie did an excellent job navigating rocks that she’s traversed since childhood. 

The couple meandered along the beach as we took a combination of shots – some emphasizing the couple against a soft, blurred background and others with the background of sailboats and fishing vessels in sharp detail. You can just make out Bar Harbor in a few of the shots. Since there are two of us photographing, we really enjoy providing a variety of images! There’s not just one signature shot or style. 

After the beach photos, we wrapped up the engagement session with sunset photos from Maggie’s family home. The sun sank over the bay - a rare “water” sunset on the east coast. Something that Scott - a proud Canadian from the Vancouver area - appreciates! And finally, we made our way to the historic church where the couple will be wed. This gave us a chance to do some scouting in anticipation of the wedding. 

Such a lovely September evening in Sorrento!