Sunny Beach Engagement at Fort Popham and Popham Beach

Maci and Justin’s Session in Phippsburg, Maine

We photographed Maci and Justin’s engagement session at Popham Beach on a sunny weekday evening in May. They were flexible about planning around the weather which meant that we could pick a day with golden hour light. Justin enjoys photography and frequently posts amazing aerial photographs on social media - @aerial_maine. Maci and Justin met at the University of Maine and have been exploring the state together ever since!

Starting photography at the Popham Beach fort, we were able to emphasize the arches and other interesting details at this historic site. Built in 1861, the fort stands at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Phippsburg. It was a little more shadowy inside the fort than we remembered, so we also spent time out on the rocks. Maci and Justin looked out at the water in a sweet embrace!

After the fort, we walked down to Popham Beach. The sand there is just incredible! We love the views of Seguin Island, and Steve is not embarrassed to admit having watched “Message in a Bottle,” a romantic classic released in 1999 and starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright. Most of the film was shot in North Carolina, but there are some genuine glimpses of Maine in there! Maci and Justin haven’t seen the movie (yet!) but they starred in their own love story as they walked the beach. 

The evening ended with an outfit change and a few different angles at Popham Beach. The long boardwalk created a compositional element. So much of an engagement session involves standing back to capture the natural moments shared by the couple – and walking is a great way to give a couple space, something familiar to do, an action that propels lovely images. We’re posting a couple of our favorites below. Can’t wait to head up to Aroostook County for the wedding in August!