Reagan and Jordan's Proposal at Marshall Point Lighthouse

We were thrilled to capture Jordan and Reagan's surprise wedding proposal at the iconic Marshall Point Lighthouse in our hometown of St. George, Maine! Anticipatory phone calls and emails shaped the planning, including those with Jordan’s dad, Jerry. Steve collaborated with Jordan on the exact position and timing in advance, sharing photos so that he’d be familiar with the area. The plan was in place!

On the day of the proposal, we stood incognito with our cameras. Steve concentrated on the shoreline wildflowers. Rebecca raised and lowered the camera as though in search of a classic lighthouse landscape photo. As we got into position, Jordan and Reagan arrived under pearl-gray skies. It began to rain lightly, and we wondered how Jordan would convince Reagan to stay without giving anything away! 

While the rain drove a smattering of tourists back to their cars, Jordan approached the designated grassy mound at the agreed-upon time. Lobster boats rumbled toward Port Clyde after a day’s catch. The lighthouse shone brightly. And then it was 4 o’clock!

Our shutters snapped as Jordan took to one knee and held the engagement ring out to Reagan. His words were caught by Reagan’s ears and lost otherwise to the wind. Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise. “Yes!” 

We introduced ourselves to the future bride and groom and welcomed them to Maine. Steve encouraged the couple to continue to enjoy the moment and wander out to the lighthouse. After capturing their spontaneous joy, Steve guided Reagan and Jordan through a few poses, with Rebecca positioned at a second angle with the telephoto lens. The entire proposal was heightened by the dramatic weather.

But wait, there’s more -- Jordan had coordinated his parents’ and Reagan’s family’s surprise visit to the Marshall Point Lighthouse. The BrightWorks photography team snapped candids as hearty congratulations were exchanged and the waves clapped on the rocks. And the whole group posed with the Marshall Point Lighthouse in the background. 

Scroll down to enjoy a few of our favorite images from the surprise proposal!