Huyen and Frank's Acadia elopement at Otter Cliffs

This spectacular Acadia elopement at Otter Cliffs took place during a heat wave and the BrightWorks wedding photography team packed the usual cameras, batteries, lenses, PLUS extra water! Huyen even placed her bridal bouquet in one of our water canteens to give it a sip before the wedding ceremony. It was a sweet moment! But let’s start at the beginning...

We began with photos of Huyen and Frank’s wedding preparation in Bar Harbor, Maine. We had so much fun getting to know the couple as Huyen finished her make-up and Frank helped her put on her shoes. We exited the Bar Harbor hotel onto nearby grounds which provided shade and a view north to the Porcupine Islands. Steve reviewed tips for posing (enjoy the moment! share a light kiss!) and we captured a few shots by the water.

Our next destination for elopement portraits was the Asticou Azalea Garden where we found full sun, dappled light, and areas of shade -- all of which imbued the images with a range of joyful tones. The couple strolled and laughed despite the temperatures and we captured a variety of beautiful elopement portraits in front of the azaleas and the silky waters of the pond. 

Finally, it was great to step out onto the rocks at the Otter Cliffs ceremony site in Acadia National Park and feel the ocean breeze on our faces. Huyen and Frank were well-prepared to enjoy the spot with a picnic and bottle of wine. The ceremony itself took place perched on the cliffs with the Atlantic Ocean as an everlasting witness to the couple’s special vows, officiated by Tom Perkins. We captured a few more portraits as the sun sank to the west of Mount Desert Island. 

Thank you for choosing to share the evening with us, Huyen and Frank!

Acadia Elopement Vendors:

Photography: BrightWorks Photography

Flowers: Queen Anne's Flower Shop

Pointy white bride shoes with pearl decoration on bed
Bride uses makeup brush and holds compact mirror
Bride sprays perfume on her neck
Wedding rings encircle pink rose petals
Groom wears pink tie and walks with bride on dappled lawn
Bride leans forward to smell large white flowers
Groom and bride walk through sunlit woods path at their Acadia elopement
Groom and bride embrace while she holds bouquet
Bride reaches out arm to hold transparent dress
Bride with pink bouqet stands with groom in Asticou garden
Bride with pink bouqet looks at groom in Asticou garden
Bride and groom pose in sunny garden
Bride gazes into eyes of groom while posing by glassy mirror pond
Bride and groom pose by glassy mirror pond in formal garden
Bride and groom embrace by glassy mirror pond
Full-length bridal portrait with bouquet in formal garden
Bride and groom kiss near flowering azalea bushes in formal garden
Bride and groom walk through formal garden in late afternoon shade
Bride in her wedding dress laces up sneakers
Bride and groom cross the road in Acadia National Park
Bride poses in golden light with diamond tooth
Bride and groom lean against Otter Cliffs
Bride poses in wedding dress at Acadia elopement
Wedding couple embrace at Otter Cliffs with blue ocean in background
Groom helps bride navigate the rocks at Otter Cliffs
Bride and groom stand on rocks at Otter Cliffs with Sand Beach in distance
Distant bride and groom embrace at Acadia National Park
Groom wears blue suit and kisses bride with distant mountains at Acadia elopement
Bride sits on groom at Otter Cliffs
Bride and groom share glances on the rocky shore of their Acadia elopement
Bride holds bouquet with pink roses at Otter Cliffs
Bride reaches for groom while navigating Otter Cliffs
Bride in colorful sneaks walks on rocks with groom at Otter Cliffs
Groom holds bouquet and reaches for bride at Otter Cliffs
Wedding couple sit on granite rocks at Otter Cliffs
Bride and groom bring picnic of cheese grapes and wine to Otter Cliffs
Groom buttons jacket while eating picnic at elopement
Bride holds glass of wine while sitting on Maine granite rocks
Officiant stands with bride and groom at sunset on cliffs
Officiant stands with bride and groom at sunset on granite rocks
Groom and bride exchange rings on island
Towering pine trees frame a bride and groom on wedding day
Wedding officiant smiles at the bride and groom by ocean
Bride smiles at elopement officiant by ocean
Officiant reads vows to couple standing on Otter Cliffs
Bride listens during vows on Otter Cliffs
Bride and groom share a kiss on granite rocks by ocean