Michael and Danielle’s Mount Desert Island Proposal

Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park is one of those proposal spots that inspires appreciation for the scale of the Atlantic Ocean every time! It doesn’t matter how many times you visit, there’s just something about being perched on the rocks that makes one feel both quietly still and also aware of the movement in the water – this huge force. Much like love! 

Steve spoke with Michael in advance of the surprise proposal and created a map of Mount Desert Island with a few different pinpoints to discuss as potential proposal locations. A New Jersey native, Michael was eager to get set up in front of the Bubbles near Jordan Pond, but due to holiday crowds and parking constraints, we ultimately agreed to meet at the Asticou Azalea Garden. 

Michael had a great idea and convinced Danielle he would like to take a picture of her using his camera on a tripod, and so she had a sense that something was going to take place. He enjoys photography, so this was something that she found believable, but also an occasion of sorts! The proposal took place with the changing colors of Asticou in the background, and the couple walked the meditative paths there before hopping into their rental car and taking another round of pictures at Otter Cliffs. 

Visitors to Otter Cliffs look out in an easterly direction, and so we worked quickly to capture the remaining light on what turned out to be an overcast evening. The couple ventured along the path down to another outlook and toasted their engagement. This made for a spectacular view about halfway between Otter Cliffs and Otter Point. And just as the sun set, the softest pink glow gently swept across the horizon line.

Very best wishes to Danielle and Michael for their future plans!