Anna and Christian’s Maine Farmhouse and Summer Camp Wedding

Creating photos of a thoughtful couple completely in love as their family and friends gather at a Maine summer camp for a September wedding? This is part of what compels our family-run wedding business to offer Maine wedding photography! It’s the in-the-moment reactions and beauty of a unique event in the lives of people who value a strong sense of place and connection to their community. 

Anna and Christian got ready on the morning of their wedding at the yellow farmhouse where they were engaged. They’re friendly with the kind, accommodating homeowners and so we were able to visit the farmhouse ahead of time to scout the location. Birch trees, a brown barn, and horses reflected a historic vision of Central Maine, all with a beautiful view of rolling hills. To accommodate the changing weather, we arranged to have Anna and Christian’s first look prior to the forecasted rain. Some of our favorite photos were taken here near the roadside! 

The wedding ceremony was nestled in a large tent set up on the field at a summer camp. Reflecting Quaker tradition, Anna and Christian entered the tented space together. We had rolled up some of the tent sides to welcome in more light, and the couple glowed on their bench, surrounded by their guests! The ceremony concluded with a signing of their certificate. This presented another chance to photograph loved ones as they contributed their names, and then food, drinks, and even temporary tattoos were circulated! 

After leaving the tent, the wedding guests made their way through the woods in the rain to a pine-paneled dining room. All seemed to enjoy the camaraderie of a Maine camp wedding! Gabe pre-positioned our lights, so we were ready to capture Anna and Christian’s dance and the festivities of the evening. Dinner was provided by Stone’s Throw, including the most delicious squash and wild rice dish. Toasts included an acknowledgement of the beautiful paper lanterns that have been in the family for four generations, illuminating the couple’s table. Much of this group really enjoyed dancing. It was a jubilant celebration!

Congratulations, Anna & Christian! 

Photography: BrightWorks Photography

Catering: Stone’s Throw

Flowers: Eastern River Farm