Joyful Garden Wedding

Denise and Cory’s Midcoast Maine Wedding

Denise and Cory first reached out to BrightWorks for Maine wedding photography way back in 2019! Their backyard garden wedding reflected their strong family bonds, intimacy and humor – we’re excited to share a glimpse of it! And if you're also considering a backyard wedding, we think it's a wonderful opportunity to make memories in a meaningful location!

Held on a glorious fall day in the backyard garden area of the groom's parents' home, this wedding reflected the couple's warmth and thoughtful planning. Denise prepared with her bride’s party and they surrounded her in velvet gowns of every jeweled hue. So beautiful! Meanwhile Cory and his friends donned velvet ties to match the bride’s party and stepped outside together to enjoy nature.

As photographers, we strive for the first look to happen in a place where the couple can see each other, hopefully without squinting in the midday sun! Sometimes this leads us to some shaded spots. In this case, Denise and Cory shared a first look in the soft light of the woods only a few yards from the house. Cory started beaming as Denise came up behind him in her lovely white lace gown. A sweet moment! 

We appreciated how this garden wedding ceremony was very grounded and tailored to the couple. Led by their friend Katherine, the couple acknowledged the day, the feeling in the space, and their families. A dragonfly even landed on Denise’s dress! It was a dreamlike ceremony. The couple’s two young children joined them up at the front for the first kiss as the wedding guests cheered. 

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a laidback reception. Guests circulated around a tent with intricate decorations handmade by the bride's sister and the children played in the yard while the adults chatted. A tasty BBQ dinner was served up by Perley’s Catering and friend & cakemaker Nyador brought out a stunning macaroon-festooned cake. Denise was quick to smoosh a piece in Corey’s face! Later, guests murmured appreciatively about the delicious Earl Gray flavor and found themselves dancing to some classic tunes spun by DJ Wet Floor. The couple’s unity candle burned on. 

Just a joyous, memorable evening!

Catering: Perley’s Catering, St. Albans, Maine

Dress: Hem and Veil, Portland, Maine

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Baltic Born

Favors: Dirigo Farms Goat Milk Soap