Jeanette and Chris’s Portrait Session and Reception in Salt Lake City, Utah

BrightWorks was overjoyed and totally honored to photograph Jeanette and Chris during their wedding portrait session on a windy April afternoon in the “Beehive State” -- Utah! The session started at Washington Square Park in downtown Salt Lake City. The flowering trees lent a pretty backdrop and the couple walked up and down the open pathways as petals fell around them. They strolled right past the Salt Lake City Hall with its monumental clock tower rising 256 feet into the chilly air. Jeanette wisely brought a shawl, as the temperatures were all over the map and reminded us of Maine weddings!

Next up, the couple explored Red Butte Garden and Arboretum. The perimeter of the Red Butte Garden runs along the wild Utah foothills, and the combination of cultivated gardens (524,000 blooming bulbs!) and arid landscape offered an interesting contrast. The hills mark the beginning of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Red Butte is a favorite place for the bride and groom, and their familiarity with the winding paths led us all to a large staircase with an architecturally-striking, angular pavilion. 

The couple planned a low-key wedding reception at a neighborhood restaurant and we provided candid coverage of the laughter, toasts, and slideshow. Delicious diner fare was served! Guests lined up for the beet salad, mac & cheese, chicken and waffles, and chatted throughout the evening. It was even warm enough to sit outside comfortably! 

We are often struck by the privilege of contributing our wedding photography to the mix of images that document the couple’s lives -- the personal photos they’ve taken over the years capture intimate, informal moments and BrightWorks’ images add to the memories! We collaborate with the couples that choose BrightWorks to create formal and informal photos that they might not have in their collection, and we anticipate that future generations will peer into the depths of those images, whether digital or physical, and ponder the lives and overwhelming love that propels the couple and their family and friends. 

Photography: BrightWorks Photography

Venue: Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

Reception: Hub & Spoke Diner

bride and groom stroll past white flowering trees
city park walk with smiling bride and groom
bride and groom laugh together as they stroll in city park
happy bride and groom stroll past delicate white blossoming tree
handsome groom in taupe suit all smiles with happy bride
romantic embrace between beautiful newlyweds in spring
dark limbed spring blossoming tree frames romantic newlyweds
newlyweds smile and embrace in salt lake city park
so romantic white gowned bride and taupe suited groom
stunning architecture washington square in spring
handsome groom and beautiful bride admire their rings
near red butte garden in early spring
so many yellow daffodils for the newlyweds to admire at red butte
bride wearing lilac shawl and white sleeveless gown kisses her groom
yellow blur of daffodils frames embracing newlyweds in utah
hills at red butte gardens rise up behind romantic newlyweds
contemplative bride with floral hair adornment turns to touch grasses at red butte gardens
all abloom in april at red butte gardens with romantic newlyweds
suited groom near flowering cherry tree kisses his beautiful bride's head
bride and groom in april at red butte gardens
dreamy pink blossom haze and embracing newlyweds
newlyweds stop on garden path to gaze at one another
gracefully seated bride and groom on a soft stone spring garden path
bride and groom hold close in a soft embrace
newlyweds at top of grand red butte gardens staircase
happy newlyweds enjoying red butte architectural elements
newlyweds walk hand in hand down grand utah steps
smiling newlyweds greet a reception guest
smiling wedding reception guests enjoying the hub and spoke diner
newlyweds clap as bride's father shares insight
bride embraces her friend after reception speech
reception guest at salt lake city diner speaks to crowd
wedding reception guests appreciating a speech
photo board at utah wedding reception